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Voggesanger fra ondskapens akse EpPurchased

The first part of this eagerly awaited release will appear on 5 May! Called "Five lullabies from the Axis of Evil", it will initially appear as an EP with five songs from Iraq, Iran and Palestine. Three Scandinavian artists are featured on this record: Kari Bremnes from Norway, Eva Dahlgren from Sweden and Anisette (of The Savage Rose) from Denmark. They perform their interpretations of songs from the Near East in their native Scandinavian languages, while the original songs are performed in Arabic and Persian by six artists from the three countries.
1. Sov mitt barn - Dilelol Amel Kthyer, Eva Dahlgren & Hela Bassam 00:05:37 1.50 USD
Main artist Amel Kthyer, Eva Dahlgren & Hela Bassam
Composer Trad.
2. Du endeløse natt - Ya Lel Ma Atwalak Rim Banna & Kari Bremnes 00:06:35 1.50 USD
Main artist Rim Banna & Kari Bremnes
Composer Trad.
Performers Kari Bremnes | Rim Banna
3. Sov min dukke - Nami Ya La'Aubi Anisette & Rim Banna 00:03:01 1.50 USD
Main artist Anisette & Rim Banna
Composer Trad.
Performers Rim Banna
4. Lalalala Gohle Laleh Mahsa Vahdat & Marjan Vahdat 00:03:56 1.50 USD
Main artist Mahsa Vahdat & Marjan Vahdat
Composer Trad.
5. Gohlelale Pari Zanganeh 00:03:13 1.50 USD
Main artist Pari Zanganeh
Composer Trad.