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“Jul på gata” [Christmas on the Streets] The best buskers in Oslo play Christmas songs on a new CD from KKV. All year round they decorate Oslo’s streets with their music. They interact with a public whose response is instantaneous and unfiltered. They are professional buskers. During Christmas their music resonates with the story of the holy family's journey to Bethlehem, where there was no room for them in the inn. Javier from Argentina, Johnny Boy from the USA, Lawrence from England and the trio Trubadurii din Transylvania play on the streets of Oslo day in and day out, all professionals filling our streets with good music. With a number of other buskers from all corners of the world they are playing for us this Christmas on a new CD called “Jul på gata”. The CD has Christmas carols from many countries. As supporting musicians creating atmosphere and background you will also hear Anders Engen on percussion and banjo and Geir Sundstøl on guitars, harmonica, bells and various strings. Small organ pieces, with organ grinder Brage Alstadheim, form the transitions between the ten tracks with Christmas carols. Diego, Lius, Fernando and Chico from Brazil, Gheorghe Florea from Bucuresti, Lars Lothe from Oslo and “Mr Orchestra and gang”, also from Oslo, are all on this CD that is produced by Erik Hillestad. “Jul på gata” will be released on 22 November. The buskers will be paid as professional musicians. All artist royalties will go to "Kirkens Bymisjon" [the Church's urban mission] and its invaluable work on the streets of Oslo.
1. White Christmas 00:03:33
Main artist Johnny Boy
Composer Irving Berlin
Publishers Kirkelig Kulturverksted