Jørn Simen Øverli, Sølvguttene

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Prøysen's songs for boys Like a Trojan teddy-bear, the voice of Alf Prøysen entered all children's rooms through the children's hour on Norwegian radio at 8.40 am each morning in the 1950s. Thus he smuggled the ideas of freedom, equality, self-respect and love of the rural districts into thousands of children's minds. At that time Sølvguttene (the Boys of Silver Choir) recorded albums with Alf Prøysen – a much cherished Norwegian troubadour. In this anniversary year 2014 the famous boys' choir is now releasing a CD with Prøysen's songs for boys. Together with Jørn Simen Øverli, a well-known and highly respected interpreter of Prøysen songs, the Boys of Silver Choir is now celebrating Prøysen’s 100-year anniversary with a new CD: "Gull i munn – Prøysens gutteviser" ["Gold in the mouth" – from the saying "The morning hour has gold in its mouth"]. Prøysen wrote many songs about young and old boys, songs describing a boy growing into a man. Needless to say, this is a genre that fits well with a boys' choir. Sølvguttene, starting as "NRK’s Boys' Choir" in the 1950s, often performed with Prøysen on the radio and on records. Now the choir is performing a number of Prøysen's portraits of boys and young men on the new album. Jørn Simen Øverli is the primarily soloist on the record, but several of the voices from the choir also sing solo on the CD. Henning Sommerro has arranged much of the music on the album. He plays piano and accordion on the album, which was recorded in Kulturkirken Jakob. Fredrik Otterstad, conductor of the Boys of Silver, plays double bass and Jørn Simen Øverli plays guitar. You will hear such well-known Prøysen songs as "Sjarmør-Even" [Charmer Evan], "Fløttardag" [Moving house day], "Næsning på Hamarmarten" [Nes resident at the Hamar market] and "Lille Måltrost" [Little Song Thrush], but also several songs which will be relatively new to most people, including "Den vesle blå guten" [The little blue boy], "Ungkarssorg" [Bachelor’s sorrow] and Prøysen's translation of "Over the Rainbow". This release has been supported by the Fund for Performing Artists. Erik Hillestad is the producer and sound recording is by Martin Abrahamsen.
1. Sjarmør-Even 00:04:02
Main artist Jørn Simen Øverli, Sølvguttene
Composer Robert Normann
Publishers Kirkelig Kulturverksted