Susanne Lundeng

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Susanne Lundeng has made a wonderful record for solo violin and string quartet. On this record she is continuing her very special way of creating contemporary music based on a folk music tradition. There are no bass riffs or drum grooves, no melodies carefully arranged or accompanied by a band or an orchestra. What Susanne does on her new record ‟Et steg ut” (A Step Out) is to expand the “body” of her instrument with a larger register. This expansion is the Engegård Quartet. The Engegård Quartet is Arvid Engegård on first violin, Alex Robson on second violin, Juliet Jopling on viola and Jan Clemens Carlsen on cello. The combination of inspiration from folk music and some excellent musicians from the world of classical music is unique in a Norwegian context. Susanne Lundeng this time takes the step out from letting others arrange her music, instead writing each note of a complete whole where her own instrument is the core and point of departure. “For me, it feels natural to set out in this direction with my music, knowing that I am thoroughly familiar with string instruments and have a background in various genres,” Susanne says about her new project. She recently completed a commissioned work for the Telemark Festival, where she wrote for four violins and viola, and she uses much of this music as her platform for this CD recording. The CD includes a mixture of solo pieces, duos and quintets. On one of the tracks Susanne also sings the lyrics "Grågjess" (Grey Geese) by Carl Schøyen. The album has been recorded in Kulturkirken Jakob by Martin Abrahamsen, while Susanne Lundeng has produced it in cooperation with Erik Hillestad. It is released on the KKV label.
1. Et steg ut 00:05:53
Main artist Susanne Lundeng
Composer Susanne Lundeng
Performers Arvid Engegård | Alexander Robson | Juliet Jopling | Jan Clemens Carlsen
Publishers Kirkelig Kulturverksted