Øystein Wingaard Wolf

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One of Norway’s most special and colourful poets is now releasing his fourth solo album. Øystein Wingaard Wolf is a perpetual source of intelligent metaphors. His ability to create songs with sparkling wit and penetrating depth is formidable. His new album ”Flammer” [Flames] takes us to a world where dogma and legends from several religions and isms are turned inside out and upside down in a playful, bitter-sweet, humorous and wacky cosmos. Here are some characteristic titles: “Ingen kan forklare ordet fred” [Nobody can explain the word peace], “100 kg blues” [The 100 kilo Blues], “Salme for det 20. århundre” [Hymn for the twentieth century], “Min psykiater” [My psychiatrist], “Antabus i underverdenen” [Antabuse in the underworld]. Øystein Wingaard Wolf is a much loved artist with irresistible cheekiness and credibility. He is accompanied by an exciting and devoted team of musicians. You will hear Hasse Bjørnstad, Michael Lindquist, Solfrid Molland, Lillebjørn Nilsen, Bendik Hofseth, Torbjørn Økland, Per Willy Aaserud, Geir Sundstøl, Elvira Nikolaysen and Jørgen Smådal Larsen. The record, produced by Frode Jacobsen, also features three bonus tracks which are some of the first demo recordings Øystein Wingaard Wolf ever made – on a four-track tape recorder in his room in the 1980s. Øystein Wingaard Wolf made his record debut on KKV with “Møt meg på halvveien” [Meet me halfway] in 1998. Since then he has released “I’m the ploughman” (2002) and “Rop ikke på katten” [Don't call the cat] (2003) before coming back today with “Flammer”. kkv.no/en/
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Main artist Øystein Wingaard Wolf
Composer Øystein Wingaard Wolf
Author Øystein Wingaard Wolf
Performers Hasse Bjørnstad | Daffi | Frode Barth | Michael Lindquist | Louis Landa Schreitt | Jørgen Smådal Larsen | Per Willy Aaserud
Producers Frode Jacobsen
Publishers Kirkelig Kulturverksted