Lisa Dillan & Asbjørn Lerheim

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How should one approach Elvis Presley's songs 50 years down the road? Some might say that this is holy ground and we should keep our hands off. Other may go further, demanding pure karaoke versions and condemning anyone straying a millimetre from the original. And some will say it’s risky for an artist's career to try something new with these songs. This has not stopped the duo Lisa Dillan and Asbjørn Lerheim from fearlessly stepping into this gilded mausoleum. With their light and delicate but powerful arrangements for vocals and guitar they have received excellent reviews for their albums and their concerts over the last two years.
1. That's all right, mama 00:03:16
Main artist Lisa Dillan & Asbjørn Lerheim
Composer Arthur Crudup
Author Arthur Crudup
Performers Lisa Dillan | Asbjørn Lerheim | Jens Christian Bugge Wesseltoft
Producers Lisa Dillan | Asbjørn Lerheim
Publishers Warner/Chappell Music Scandinavia AB