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Montag Mania is a band and art collaboration, based in Stockholm, that has now finished their second album Tropical Birds, with release 26 of january 2013 at Kägelbanan/Södra Teatern. Into the Highlife is the first single from the album. Tropical Birds is an ambient dance record with elements of tropicalia, afrobeat and avantgarde pop, recorded from Kreuzberg, Berlin to Kukasjärvi in the very north of Sweden. The release party, Tropical Birds Party is a club collaboration in sound, art and light with people from the art performance collective underground scene in Stockholm. Montag Manias debut album "Piraya" got fantastic reviews and was followed by intense touring at venues and festivals all over Sweden, including as warm up for Amparanoia and Daniel Lanois. Montag Mania is Isabel De Lescano & Fredrik Blank, from "De Lescano" with the swedish P3 radiohit "När jag sjunger igen" 2010 (EMI) and Juan Romero from Yakumbé. Website: Videos: Youtube: Tropical Birds Party at Södra teatern: Shows: facebook:
1. Into The Highlife_Single 00:03:33
Main artist Montag Mania
Composer Fredrik Blank | Isabel De Lescano
Author Isabel De Lescano | Fredrik Blank
Performers Isabel De Lescano | Fredrik Blank
Arrangers Isabel De Lescano | Fredrik Blank
Producers Isabel De Lescano | Fredrik Blank