Montag Mania artist

Montag Mania is a band and art collaboration based in Stockholm that has now released their second album Tropical Birds. The first single Into the Highlife became number 1 on Swedish College Radio top chart and is still frequently rotating on Student channels all over Sweden. Now it´s time for their second, double A-side, single release, City of the Satellites / Bohemia. Montag Mania are now preparing for their summer tour 2013 in Sweden and in Russia. After a very successful releaseshow at Kägelbanan, Stockholm, with 450 people attending and a lot of excellent respons did Tropical Birds get 5 stars of 6 at the music magazine Gaffa and did also take a spot in Claes Olson's Best Right Now list over at musikindustrin, and the New York based blog 'Joy Of Violent Movement' has described 'Tropical Birds' as a warm and playful mix of indierock, dance music and tropicalia. The bands second videorelease, The One shot video (vdmx) `Bohemia´, by the multiartist Helene Berg, is a live mix of the visuals created for the bands stage show and is the second of an upcoming series of videos.. Tropical Birds is an ambient dance record with elements of tropicalia, afrobeat and avantgarde pop, recorded in Kreuzberg, Berlin, in Kukasjärvi in the very north of Sweden and in Stockholm. Tropical Birds Party is a club collaboration in sound, art and light with Montag Mania together with people from the art performance collective underground scene in Stockholm. Montag Manias debut album "Piraya" got excellent reviews and was followed by intense touring at venues and festivals all over Sweden, including as warm up for Amparanoia and Daniel Lanois. Fredrik and Isabel also released `De Lescano´ (EMI), 19th may 2010, a collaboration project together with the Swedish well known artist Staffan Hellstrand. The song `När jag sjunger igen´ became a huge hit on P3, the main swedish radio station that year. Montag Mania is Isabel De Lescano, Fredrik Blank and Juan Romero. Website: Shows: Spotify: Youtube: facebook: PRESSQUOTES "Tropical Birds is a musical journey through time and space and it's frighteningly good" - "Tropical Birds, the band’s second album establishes the band’s reputation for a sound that deftly mixes indie rock, dance music, and tropicalia. It may remind some listeners of Vampire Weekend — but to me, their sound is much warmer, playful, and much more charming" - 
"Isabel De Lescano and the brilliant guitarist Fredrik Blank are truly tropical Birds[...]Colorful!" - PRESS RELEASE TOURDATES 2013 Tropical Birds SUMMER TOUR: 25/5 KULTURERNAS KARNEVAL Uppsala (SWE) 6/6 ARTEAST, St Petersburg (RUS) 7/6 ARTEAST, St Petersburg (RUS) 8/6 ARTEAST, St Petersburg (RUS) 17/7 COCO TRANSISTOR, SÖDRA BAR CLUB, Stockholm (SWE) 23/7 VINTERVIKENS TRÄDGÅRD, Stockholm (SWE) 26/7 STELOR, Västergarn, Gotland (SWE) 27/7 HAGEBOOP, Ethelhem, Gotland (SWE) 28/7 HABLINGBO CRÊPERIE, Gotland (SWE) 13/8 WE ARE STHLM (f.d. Ung08-festivalen), Stockholm (SWE) 24/8 KÄRRBODAFESTIVALEN, Nyköping (SWE) Autumn TOUR: 26/10 KÄGELBANAN, Stockholm (SWE) November SONORDICA TOUR - SÖDRA BAR, Stockholm (SWE) November SONORDICA TOUR - MORISKA PAVILJONGEN, Malmö (SWE) November SONORDICA TOUR - ÖGIR, Köping (SWE)