Felix Johansen artist

Norwegian singer&songwriter Felix Johansen dives into controversial current issues in his new song "Når ble det greit?" / "When did it become ok?" The song reflects on how the concept of normality is changing in Norway and other western countries, and how attitudes and behaviour that previously would be seen as unacceptable now seems to be ok. Keywords: refugee-crisis, right wing politics, sexual harssment of women, hate and trolling in social media. Felix Johansen does not write songs if he has nothing to say. Therefore, there sometimes goes many years between each release. Since his debut in 1995, Felix Johansen has established himself as a distinct singer&songwriter in Norway, with an easily recognizable style and tone. In 2006 Felix Johansen was nominated for the Spellemann Prize for the album "The Adventure of Hanna", where he collaborated with Veslemøy Solberg and Sven Ohrvik. He has also collaborated with artists like Unni Wilhelmsen and Espen Jørgensen. As the only Norwegian, Johansen played on a Nick Drake tribute-concert in Leyland, England, together with distinguished UK songwriters such as Michael Chapman and Ken Nicol.