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14 September is the release date for Kari Bremnes' brand new album, “Og så kom resten av livet” (And then the rest of your life). This is her most personal album, and the 11 new songs show the artist at her best; poetic, personal, powerful and enchanting. "I’m writing about having reached that stage in life where you can look back and still look ahead. And that helps you see so many different things," Kari Bremnes says about her new record. The album was recorded in Kari's living room with her fantastic band and the producer Bengt E Hanssen. Kari Bremnes writes poetically about the brutality and pleasures in our lives. She is a storyteller, perhaps one of Norway's best and most personal songwriters. She writes about life with honesty and a penetrating eye, about the good and the bad, with humour, solemnity and melancholy. After the release of her previous album a Norwegian newspaper wrote that “Kari Bremnes is actually almost her own genre”. After almost 20 albums, three "Spellemann" awards (Norwegian Music Awards) and a fantastic career as an artist for 25 years she has won an increasing number of devoted fans in both Norway and Germany. Her tour of Norway starts on 2 October. About Kari Bremnes: · Born in Svolvær in Lofoten, Norway in 1956, but is an “urban Northerner” living in Oslo. · She released her first solo album “Mitt Ville Hjerte” (My Wild Heart) in 1987. See her full discography here. “And then the rest of your life” is Kari Bremnes' 16th solo album. · She places her songs somewhere between dance and consolation. Her music is at times panoramic but other times intimate and searching. · She has a large following in Germany, having sold more than 90 000 albums there. Her three-week tour of Germany starts on 1 November. · She has won a large number of awards for her music and her lyrics: the Prøysen award, TONO's Edvard award for lyrics, the Spellemann awards and Telenor's culture award are some of them. Kari Bremnes band: Helge Norbakken: Drums Sondre Meisfjord: Bass Hallgrim Bratberg: Guitar Bengt E. Hanssen: Keyboards Producer: Bengt E Hanssen, Månestein A/S Track list: 1. E du nord (Are you north) 2. Like før dagen går ned (Just before sunset) 3. Trist når du får tenkt dæ om (Sad reflections) 4. Mann på rommet (Man in my room) 5. Denne veien (This way) 6. På kanten av et liv (On the edge of life) 7. Lysestake i Sannergata (Candlestick on Sannergata) 8. Med sin nydelige kone (With his beautiful wife) 9. Nytt imellom oss (New between us) 10. Håpet (The hope) 11. Tidlig (Early)