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BLOOM IN BLUE - is about "Living Out Your Dreams, Wherever they Leads You" ABOUT BEDLAM BELLS Bedlam Bells, is an alternative pop band with a mellow-dark soundscape. The band (formed in 2014) is fronted by composer, multiinstrumentalist and vocalist PH Lereim and Silja (vocals) . Bedlam Bells is "real" music and "real" stories. Acoustic elements are always present in a classic, but modern "electro-acoustic" sound field. "Bedlam Ballads" (album), will be released on Nobel Records Oct. 16-2015. Musicians on "Bloom In Blue" Tracee Lewis Meyn - vocal P H Lereim - Keys/prog/strings Hege Rimestad - Violin Tommy Huseth - guitar Tiago Mendes - bass Paolo Vinnaccia - drums
1. Bloom In Blue 00:03:50
Main artist Bedlam Bells
Composer Pål Hammer Lereim
Author Pål Hammer Lereim
Performers Pål Hammer Lereim | Hege Rimestad | Tracee Lewis Meyn | Tommy Huseth | Tiago Mendes | Paolo Vinaccia
Featuring artists Tracee Lewis Meyn
Arrangers Pål Hammer Lereim
Conductors Pål Hammer Lereim
Producers Pål Hammer Lereim
Publishers Nobel Records Oslo Norway