Primitive Tear

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The song is about displeasure and injustice in the society, and that you need to believe in yourself to make it better. Primitive Tear is a swedish/norwegian pop-duo (Josefine Ã…sheim and Dennis Carlsson). The two has previously worked on separate projects but startet collaborating during the summer 2015. They recorded "My Time To Shine" at Nobel Records Studio in Oslo Norway. The single is produced by Morten F. Augustinius
1. My Time To Shine 00:03:55
Main artist Primitive Tear
Composer Josefine Åsheim | Dennis Carlsson | Primitive Tear
Author Josefine Åsheim | Dennis Carlsson | Primitive Tear
Performers Josefine Åsheim | Dennis Carlsson | Morten Fjøss Augustinius | Primitive Tear
Arrangers Morten Fjøss Augustinius
Producers Morten Fjøss Augustinius
Publishers Nobel Records Oslo Norway