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Freddy Dahl is a living legend and has a long career in the Norwegian music scene. (Junipher Greene, Ruphus, Chipuhua, Mulen Portlands Combo, and others). Freddy gives this fall out a solo album full of variety and goodies. The album "NEVER" will be released on Nobel Records 18. October 2016. The "teaser" for the album is the single "Too Much". (Released Sep. 2o. 2016). Freddy Dahl has for two years been working with music producer Morten Augustinius in Nobel Records studio (Oslo, Norway). Together they have created soundscapes around 14 new songs that range widely. This album contains timeless and funky westcoast inspired pop, reggae, country & western, rock'n roll and ballads. All songs characterized mainly by Freddy's signature vocals and eminent guitar playing. Morten Augustinius participate as fledged multi-instrumentalist, producer, mixer and sound engineer. The album also features performances by guest musicians such as Annette Dorothy (Flava To The Bone), Fredrik Moeller Ellingsen (Unni Vilhelmsen), Martin Hystad (drums) and not least the legendary "horn section" consisting of Torbjørn Sunde, Jens Petter Antonsen and Morten Halle. The Album is produced by Morten Augustinius & Freddy Dahl. (Cover photo by. Per Zaring). All Songs Recorded and mixed in Nobel Records studio by Morten Augustinius (except "Real Things", recorded and mixed in Varden studio Asker by Ingar Helgesen)
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1. Too Much 00:02:59
Main artist Freddy Dahl
Composer Freddy Dahl
Author Freddy Dahl
Performers Freddy Dahl | Annette Dorothy | Morten Fjoess Augustinius
Arrangers Morten Fjoess Augustinius | Freddy Dahl
Producers Freddy Dahl | Morten Fjoess Augustinius
Publishers Nobel Records Oslo Norway