Axel Schmidt d.y.

Politi. (Jan. 2006) SinglePurchased

Police. I was lucky enough to be arrested by the "police uropatrulje". They did not know "police chief Bastian". There was paperwork on them and fine, but not improvement on me. Axel Schmidt D.Y. In 1991 I published a song called "The kings of the hill" with "The Guys." It gets even played on radio. Also on NRK. (main norwegian broadcaster) After that I worked as a sound engineer and attended music studies at NISS. In the last fifteen years I have been sitting at Kampen in Oslo writing songs. It has been a long journey both in my own life, and as a musician. I've written about things I have experienced and gone through or just things make up. I eventually found my style in both text and music. Although the material is varied, you will be able to recognize me and my voice. "A westside boy's encounter with the East End" has meant huge productivity and creativity. Since there has not been any other job, this is how I have spent my time. I have been working day and night, weekdays and holidays to my neighbors' enjoyment. It has resulted in well over a thousand songs and now it's time to release some of them. We have recorded drums and bass on Ulvøya (by Nobel Records in Oslo) and mixed songs with Stud Sound and Paul Hammer Lereim on Bøler farm. The songs are all mastered by Ingar Helgesen & Morten Augustinius in IHS (Ingar Helgesen Studio Production) in Asker. The last two years I have together with Øyvind Fossgaard played out in Oslo. Enjoy. Axel
1. Politi. (Jan. 2006) 00:03:18
Main artist Axel Schmidt d.y.
Composer Axel Schmidt d.y.
Author Axel Schmidt d.y.
Performers Axel Schmidt d.y. | Trude Eker
Arrangers Axel Schmidt d.y.
Conductors Axel Schmidt d.y.
Producers Pål Hammer Lereim | Axel Schmidt d.y.
Publishers Nobel Records Oslo Norway