Morten Augustinius

The Politician Man SinglePurchased

(Music & lyrics by Morten Augustinius & Stein F. Bruland). «The Politician Man" is a pop song reflecting hope and "light in the end of the tunnel" in a world full of challenges. The Politician Man is produced by the "sound-mogul" Ingar Helgesen & Morten Augustinius. On 12 string guitar plus lap steel is the eminent guitarist Freddy Holm. Morten sings lead vocal, plays guitars, bass and is programming the drums. Background vocals by. Elisabet Bruun Johnsen & Tonje Helgesen. Any questions about the song or the release contact Nobel Records.
1. The Politician Man 00:03:53
Main artist Morten Augustinius
Composer Morten Augustinius | Stein F. Bruland
Author Morten Augustinius | Stein F. Bruland
Performers Morten Augustinius | Tonje Helgesen | Freddy Holm | Ingar Helgesen | Elisabet B. Johnsen
Arrangers Morten Augustinius | Ingar Helgesen
Producers Morten Augustinius | Ingar Helgesen
Publishers Nobel Records Oslo Norway