Christine Underland

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"A christmas wish " is a beautiful christmas-song, with a good message. It is about the importance of taking care of those who are in pain and is less fortunate, and especially at christmas times. The song is quite child friendly and is fairytale inspired. Christine Underland is a 30 year old girl from Heggedal, outside Oslo, Norway. During the past four years she has been fortunate to work with her music in recording studio together with the legendary Norwegian music-producer Ingar Helgesen. On the team of musicians attending is people like Per Hillestad, Trond Lien & Freddy Holm. All of them is among Norways finest musicians. Christine writes the lyrics and the music herself and also perform the vocals.
1. Et Juleønske 00:02:52
Main artist Christine Underland
Composer Christine Underland
Author Christine Underland
Performers Trond Lien | Per Hillestad | Freddy Holm | Christine Underland
Producers Lydtekniker Tim Christopher Viksand | Lydtekniker Kari Helene Blystad | Ingar Helgesen
Publishers Nobel Records Oslo Norway