Lars Harald Storebø

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The steamer D/S «Norge» leaves Kristiania (Oslo) in June 1904, with 727 emigrants on board. They are heading for New York and the great America. On it’s way the ship passes Kristiansand, and then it crosses the Atlantic Sea, on the socalled «northern America line». Tuesday morning at 7.45 on June 28 the ship hits the St.Helen Reef, northeast to Rockall, Hebrides. Only 160 passengers survive og are rescued and brought to Stornoway, Hebrides. Among them is Jens Johan Johansen. He will reach America in the end. But what about the rest of his family?
1. Stornoway 00:04:35
Main artist Lars Harald Storebø
Composer Lars Harald Storebø
Author Lars Harald Storebø
Performers Freddy Holm | Lars Harald Storebø
Arrangers Freddy Holm | Ingar Helgesen
Producers Ingar Helgesen | Morten Fjøss Augustinius