Petter Samuelsen School Of Music artist

SONGWRITER/COMPOSER, Keyboardist and Vocalist Petter Samuelsen was born in Stavanger, Norway. Beginning piano lessons at age 8. As a teen he played keyboards and vocal in different rock bands (Ara Pacis, Wasaband, Ellis and Bandage), but returned to songwriting, producing and his classical roots to study piano at Klaverinstituttet. However Samuelsen had become fascinated by the possibilities of the synthesizer and producing songs for major publishers. Many of Petter Samuelsen original songs in WORLD’S TOP MUSIC PUBLISHERS - Sony/ATV and Universal. Quote from EMI Music Publishing Wrote the 1st. single “Here for you” of the critically acclaimed album Music of the Night 1998 by Jan Werner Danielsen” (Universal Music) - Recorded in Oslo and New York. 2 songs taken from The Very Best Of Jan Werner 2010 Signed a Band Agreement with RCA/Victor in 1979. Signed a record deal with MD Records in 1992 Signed an exclusive worldwide publishing deal with Polygram Music Publishing in 1994 Signed an exclusive worldwide publishing deal with EMI Music Publishing in 1998. Former member of the Stavanger Cathedral Choir Motet. Also recorded an album with the choir. Performed Bach’s Christmas Oratorio together with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. A film featuring music by Samuelsen presented at Pahr-Iversen Exhibitions in Houston, Texas, Valencia, Cadiz, Almeria in Spain 2010 - 2012 - 2013 The film about Pahr-Iversen shown at The Russian Academy of Arts, Tsereteli Art Gallery, Moscow Dec. 2017- Jan. 2018 BACH INVENTIONS - BACH SCHOOL These pieces belong, from the technical point of view, to many different Grades In the grading system used in much of the world that first Invention comes in at Grade 4, and most students wouldn’t manage grade 4 in less than 5/6 years (and even then, that’s assuming they are practicing regularly and well). Most of the inventions are considered to be Grade 5 to 6.