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Vivians song is one of the songs in the musical Kongen av luftslott. All music for the musical is written by Åge Aleksandersen. The musical describes Åge Aleksandersens birthplace Namsos in the 60's, for better or worse. Through Aleksandersens music you get described a growing city and all it entails both love, class distinction, drama and especially the breeding ground for what eventually turned out to be "Rock City Namsos" At Vivians sang contribute: Tora Dahle Aagård - vocals, guitar Terje Tranaas - tangents Skjalg Raaen - guitars Eirik Øien - bass Steinar Krokstad - drums
1. Vivians sang 00:03:54
Main artist Tora Dahle Aagård
Composer Åge Aleksandersen
Author Åge Aleksandersen
Publishers Kongen av luftslott