Mathias Heise Quadrillion

Decadence VinylPurchased

DECADENCE LP (180 g virgin vinyl) in deluxe gatefold cover. FREE mp3 download included (download card with personal code). 'Decadence' is the sequel to Mathias Heise Quadrillion's debut album 'Sudden Ascent' (2015). As the title suggests, the new album is both an expression of and an exploration of the word “decadence”. And to a certain extent, the album represents decadence itself. A virile and unrestrained cornucopia playing with throbbing beats, harmonies, tones and improvisation. A dynamic plethora of sounds, ideas and wildness, where the objective is beauty, enthusiasm, joie de vivre, bliss, pleasure. And last, but not least, liberation from the inhibitions of conventions and stereotypes. "Decadence" is produced by acclaimed L.A. producer Erik Zobler, who is known for his longstanding cooperation with George Duke, among many others. NOTE: Price includes postage. Tracklist: Decadence Heartbeat/Humanoid - Radio Edit Cliffhanger Electroshock (Interlude) Would U (feat. Emilie Molsted) - Radio Edit - Man vs Nature Naked Ladies (Interlude) Escapism Damn Good Coffee