Josep Colom

Confluences - Bach & Chopin Super Audio CDPurchased

Bach's influence on Chopin's music is apparently subtle yet powerful. Ever since the Polish master was introduced to Bach's compositions by his first teacher, Adalbert Zywny, Chopin constantly turned to Bach as a supreme point of reference. This influence, which can be detected at various levels throughout his works, is at the core of this recording. Josep Colom's exceptional vision and artistry brings out this two composer's connection by pairing Bach's Preludes and Chopin's √Čtudes and Nocturnes on the basis of shared or contrasting key signatures, similar instrumental treatment or texture, subtle harmonic links, dialectic oppositions or spiritual affinities, and with the help of finely-drawn improvisatory passages that either connect a prelude to an √©tude or act as a transition into a new pairing.