Trio Hardanger

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This CD presents interpretations of Norwegian folk tunes in the manner of the legendary fiddle player Halldor Meland (1884-1972), performed by three of Norway's most accomplished soloists on the hardanger fiddle. The recording is a result of a number of musical as well as human encounters - both Frank Rolland and ├ůse Teigland studied with Knut Hamre during their early years; Knut Hamre himself learned the art from older fiddlers who had Meland as their principal teacher; and all three have been inspired here by the dynamic, boundless and uncompromising spirit of the older master.

As an ensemble, the members of trio HARDANGER draw a kind of energy from one another that infuses their playing with new vitality. But above all they stand forth as soloists, with a spontaneity, vigor and inner verve that lives on inside the listener.

Normal CD produced in 44.1kHz/24bit by Lindberg Lyd, Norway