Steffen Horn

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Surround sound deliver the intense atmosphere from Steffen Horn's concert in Gamle Logen in Oslo: "This recording was made during my recent Norwegian tour and represents my most personal repertoire programme to date. It has been a great pleasure, and very refreshing, to get the opportunity to put together a repertoire of music which simply means a great deal to me, and which I was extremely eager to perform on stage. The Czech Republic, Norway and Russia form a European triangle. Each country displays its own unique style, but they have one thing in common: a heavy folkloristic influence, especially during the romantic era. Besides the fact that I am half Czech, this may well be what attracts me so strongly to the music of these three countries. I find their music highly expressive and heartfelt."

Hybrid Super Audio-CD
5.0 SURROUND + STEREO produced in 44.1kHz/24bit by Lindberg Lyd, Norway
This compact disc looks like a normal CD and plays on all standard players and computers