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Magnum Mysterium Super Audio CDPurchased

Regardless of how one might choose to celebrate Christmas today, we believe that this music can contribute atmosphere, light and hope at the darkest time of the year. Grex Vocalis and 2L have brought together some of the most beautiful Christmas music for a cappella choir. O magnum mysterium - the opening words of Midnight Mass at Christmas - also express the shepherds' awe upon seeing the child in the manger. The music of the festive season describes the great contrasts of the nativity. Here we find music inspired by the sense of wonder that the shepherds and the wise men must have felt on coming face to face with the great mystery.

Christmas 2004 this CD sold 12.000 copies in Norway.

Hybrid Super Audio-CD
5.0 SURROUND + STEREO produced in 44.1kHz/24bit) by Lindberg Lyd, Norway
This compact disc looks like a normal CD and plays on all standard players and computers