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"Norwegian fiddlers rule the world, and this CD is solid proof. This is vital stuff, brilliant performances, beautifully recorded and altogether essential listening for anyone with a love of the Nordic fiddle sound. These recordings were all made live, recorded in a church near Oslo, so the ambiance of the performances and the aural space are really wonderful!" - Cliff Furnald, cdRoots, December 2002

"this song invented itself - it just came drifting along" - a humble attempt to convey the meaning of a line from a Norwegian folk tune. Perhaps this is an expression of a lack of self-awareness among folk musicians in previous times? The recordings on this CD have certainly not invented themselves! They are the result of the oral traditional of teaching and learning folk songs, of a fruitful collaboration and many hours' hard work - and not least they are the result of intense creativity, which respect the musical traditions, while at the same time represent a will to renew it. And although the music didn't "come drifting along", the arrangements were in fact made without any notation through a collective creative process - far removed from my musical background where composers and arrangers are used to sitting aloof and alone bent over their PC screen or sheets of manuscript paper. As musical consultant to this project, it has been exciting to take part in and follow the creative process behind the production. Here there are impulses, traditions - all carried out with artistic energy and a high adrenaline level. I hope it's catching!" - Trond H. F. Kverno, November 2002

Normal CD produced in 44.1kHz/24bit by Lindberg Lyd, Norway