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The Norwegian group "FLUKT" (soaring) lends Music wings! The players literally radiate true musicianship, an energetic intensity and a spirit of sorts, which gives the listener a hard time sitting still. Their Music resembles a good game of chess, where elements of surprise and unconventional imaginative abilities beat the conventional and sturdy. The inspirational sources are many; Scandinavian as well as Gaelic folk Music, religious tunes and specially written compositions form a vital and living totality with a strong and personal identity. Enjoy this soaring musical experience and fly over familiar and unknown lands!

"Fans of the free-reed/fiddle/bass sound of Finnish bands like Troka and JPP are defeinately going to find a kindred spirit in this Norwegian ensemble. An equally high level of musicianship is evident, and a similar sense of curiosity and adventure prevail. Tight arrangements, spirited playing and a fine support from musicians Heidi Skejerve and Erlend Skomsvoll on vocals and harmonium make this record a must have for those that like traditionals root with a contemporary flair." - Cliff Furnald, cdRoots, October 2002

Normal CD produced in 44.1kHz/24bit by Lindberg Lyd, Norway