Over Stok Og Steen

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The ensemble "Over Stok og Steen" (over hill and dale) have specialized in folk music from Hedemarken, the flatland villages east of the lake Mjøsa. The musical traditions of this region are wide-ranging in their history, form, and expression, something we have wished to take into account on the present recording. You will hear minuets from the 18th century, the peasant's polka, the farmer's fandango and the ballad singer's wistful love songs. With all respect for the folk music traditions of Hedemarken, we have adapted the melodies in our own way. The recording is an homage to composers, village fiddlers, ballad singers, farmers and peasants - to all and sundry!

From the farm hand's lodging to the ball room - Hedemarken has always had a rich and varied musical tradition, a result of the region's proximity to Oslo, the capital of Norway. Since musical impulses arrived early on in Hedemarken, different traditions were also quickly forgotten with the arrival of new ideals.

"Storgardsmusikk", music that was played on large farming estates, and "drengestuemusic", music that originated in the quarters of the farm hands, are two terms frequently used to describe the different forms of musical expression found in the flatland villages - music for farmers and peasants. This phenomenon is primarily associated with the 19th century.

Normal CD produced in 44.1kHz/24bit by Lindberg Lyd, Norway