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The magnificent steel blue of a Winter Moon - an eerie warm light on the cold snow. This is the inspirational background for the musicians in the young Norwegian group "Vintermåne". A fascinating landscape based on tradition and innovation is being brought to life through folk music with potent elements of jazz and pop. The specific Norwegian folk tradition of creative musical performance is here being presented to the listener in an entirely new and fertile light - and the old tunes evidently seem to prosper in their new surroundings.

"As you know, I am a total slave to great vocalists, and Norwegian singer Anne Gravir Klykken has my attention! The trio has an intuitive contact, a tight ensemble approach to everything they do, they play their others strengths without ever stepping on each other. They move from funk-groove to polska in a heartbeat, from folk dance to lounge lizard in a breath, abley aided by a minimal group of guest musicians on seljefloyte (flute), percussion and drum kit This is a recording that flirts with folk, pop and jazz, occasionally gets a little agressive, and occasionally (very rarely) gets a little Disney-schmaltzy. But the overall effect is stong, creative and individual, just the way good art should be." - Cliff Furnald, cdRoots

Anne Gravir Klykken (vokal) - Fr√łydis Grorud (sax) - Torjus Vierli (piano, mini-moog, prophet)

Normal CD produced in 44.1kHz/24bit by Lindberg Lyd, Norway