Kristin Fossheim | Bjørn Solum

Beethoven Sonatas vol I Audio CDPurchased

"Forced to live with a permanent physical disorder, born with a fiery temperament, I had to isolate myself, live my life alone." The musical genius that lost his hearing never succumbed to fate. On the contrary - over and over again he managed to adjust to the shifting phases of his life and art. As a creative artist, Beethoven stood for constant renewal throughout his entire career, and he never hesitated from sharing his innermost feelings with his listeners. The three sonatas on this CD were created in three different phases - meet the young, the struggling and the mature Beethoven in an intense and lucid performance. "I will fly at fate and attack it - it will never succeed in striking me to the ground!"

Fanfare Magazine Nov/Dec 02: "I admire as well the graceful energy of the two performers recorded here, their gently nuanced responses to one another. Solum has a pleasant, almost wry tone." ... "They are lovely, lively, and intelligent, and they are well recorded by a Norwegian company whose work I did not previously know."

Normal CD produced in 44.1kHz/24bit by Lindberg Lyd, Norway