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“Torø liti" is a folk song from Valdres, Norway, arranged by Knut Nystedt, and is one of the pieces from his “Five folk songs for female choir". The text describes how a dying girl doesn’t want to die but wishes to continue living. The piece is a part of the Norwegian Girls’ Choir’s new folk music album, which is being recorded now to be published by 2L in 2016. The Norwegian Girls’ Choir was established as the Norwegian Broadcasting’s Girls’ Choir in 1947. The choir has specialized in contemporary and folk music, and regularly commissions music for its own repertoire. The Norwegian Girls’ Choir consists of four choirs with girls from six to 22 years old. The current recording is with voices from the oldest singers, the Studio Choir. The Norwegian Girls’ Choir is conducted by Anne Karin Sundal-Ask. “Torø liti" is released on Knut Nystedt’s 100 years anniversary, September 3, 2015, as a homage to a fantastic composer and in gratitude for his great arrangements and compositions for female choirs. Duva settø seg på liljankvist, Gud at råde. Ho syngø så vakkert um Jesus Krist, Herre Gud, sende oss sin nåde. Å højr du Torø liti, e tala te de, Gud at råde Å lyste du fylgji or lande mæ me? Herre Gud, sende oss sin nåde. Kors kan e fara åt fylgji mæ de, Gud at råde. Ein kungesån i Engeland ha beyla te me, Herre Gud, give oss sin nåde. 5.0 SURROUND + STEREO produced in DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition 352.8kHz/24bit) by Lindberg Lyd, Norway
1. Knut Nystedt: Torø liti 00:02:15
Main artist Det Norske Jentekor & Anne Karin Sundal-Ask
Composer Knut Nystedt | folketone fra Valdres
Author folketone fra Valdres
Performers Det Norske Jentekor
Arrangers Knut Nystedt
Conductors Anne Karin Sundal-Ask
Producers Morten Lindberg | Lindberg Lyd AS