Oral Bee & Mr. Pimp-Lotion

VRL Finale Banger SinglePurchased

Last winter Oral Bee appeared on NRK P3 every week with a new song. This is a bonus track one year later, as performed on the radio show «Verdens rikeste land» this week. Every song has a different topic from recent events. This song sums up the season, and discusses topics they chose not to include. Would fit playlists with political songs, hip-hop, satirical songs.
1. VRL Finale Banger 00:02:36
Main artist Oral Bee & Mr. Pimp-Lotion
Composer Anders Kranmo Smedstad | Thomas Thrap Huse
Author Anders Kranmo Smedstad
Performers Anders Kranmo Smedstad | Thomas Thrap Huse
Producers Oral Bee | Mr. Pimp-Lotion