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«Hvis du ser ho» is Vidar Vang’s long awaited new single, following a three-year break since his critically acclaimed album «Vårres egen lille krig» (2015). It is the lead single off Vidar Vang’s new album «8530 Bjerkvik», due for release April 13th 2018. «Hvis du ser ho» is Vidar Vang’s shot at the pop single. The song has an upbeat feeling, its lyrics describing someone who reflects on his/her teenage crush, and what might have been if things had turned out different. Produced by Cato “Salsa” Thomassen (Sivert Høyem, Thea & The Wild, Jonas Alaska) and Vidar Vang.
1. Hvis du ser ho 00:05:04
Main artist Vidar Vang
Composer Vidar Vang
Author Vidar Vang | Gaute Fredriksen
Performers Vidar Vang | Cato Thomassen
Arrangers Cato Thomassen | Gaute Fredriksen | Vidar Vang
Producers Cato Thomassen | Vidar Vang