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• "That's How You Write A Song" is Alexander Rybak's entry to 'Melodi Grand Prix' final, the Norwegian selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2018. • This is the second time Alexander competes to represent Norway in the ESC. Last time was in 2009, when he won with his now world famous song "Fairytale" • Alexander Rybak still holds the record for most points received in Eurovision Song Contests history when he won in 2009. • Alexander Rybak has a strong fan base and huge following. Close to 900 000 likes on Facebook. • Alexander Rybak has 450 000 subscribers and over 200 million views on YouTube. • Alexander Rybak is celebrating his 10-year anniversary as an artist.
1. That's How You Write A Song 00:03:00
Main artist Alexander Rybak
Composer Knut Bjørnar Asphol | Alexander Rybak
Author Knut Bjørnar Asphol | Alexander Rybak
Performers Alexander Rybak | Knut Bjørnar Asphol | Stephan Slaaen | Jens Petter Antonsen | Iver Olav Erstad | Tone Lise Ramstad Asphol | Benjamin Asphol | Tobias Asphol
Producers Alexander Rybak | Stephan Slaaen | Knut Bjørnar Asphol
Publishers Alexander Rybak AS