Holy Mattress Money

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After Jesty's best friend suddenly passed away from cancer— Something clicked. "I don't want my music to just be a bunch of files on a laptop-- or a bunch of voice memos in a phone that no one knows the passcode to,” Jesty said, "I want to share my music with the world and I want to be around to see people enjoy it." A few months ago, in Cleveland, OH, with the help of some incredible singers and musicians, Jesty started writing, producing and releasing songs every Monday. "Holy Mattress Money” was formed. 53,454 Monthly Listeners on Spotify 81% Female Listeners across social media platforms 82% 13-27 Age range Over 500,000k streams on Spotify in 7 months. Over 2 million plays on Facebook in 7 months.
1. Broken Bottles 00:04:12
Main artist Holy Mattress Money
Composer Darrel Greene Jr.
Author Darrel Greene Jr.
Featuring artists Leslie Carron | Jesty Beatz
Producers Jesty Beatz
Publishers Jesty Beatz Music