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New single “You Must Tell Him”, due for release May 11th 2018 “You Must Tell Him” is a classic story about secret love and passion. Does she get the one that she loves in the end? “You Must Tell Him” is one of the songs from our new album which we are going to release soon. Since their debut in 2003 with the album "Nurse Me”, 3-11 Porter has millions of streams on their YouTube videos, and millions of downloads/streams on iTunes, Spotify and other platforms. 3-11 Porter has broken free from the traditional pop sound and added their own spice to music, with their mix of pop, rock, jazz, Latin and electronica, combined with their cinematic approach to the lyrics and the arrangements. All of these elements define 3-11 Porter's sound. The songs from 3-11 Porter has been used in Movies and TV series in Brasil, England and other countries and countless of compilations.
1. You Must Tell Him 00:04:06
Main artist 3-11 Porter
Composer Per Arne Bertheussen | Svein Hansen
Performers Tracee Lewis Meyn | Per Arne Bertheussen | Svein Hansen
Arrangers Svein Hansen
Producers Svein Hansen