Hvalfugl artist

Hvalfugl Danish folk trio revives and reinvents the Scandinavian folk music tradition as it is mixed with the modern Nordic jazz sound. These three young Danish musicians will blow you away with their intimate and delicate compositions played with such devotion that the listeners can’t help getting sucked into their profound universe. A combination of Jan Johansson and Pat Metheny Is what one concertgoer said after a gig in northern Jutland. This does not only describes the music well, but is also in accordance with the bands vision of the music. Johansson was renowned for reinventing the sound of traditional Swedish folk music in a jazz frame. While Metheny broke away from the dogma that virtuoso musicians had to play complicated music, and instead focused on the composition and attention to detail. You will find that all these qualities are the keywords in Hvalfugl’s music. Reinvention, melodic, virtuosic, personal. With piano/harmonium, upright bass and electric guitar, you have a unique setup whether you call yourself a folk or a jazz band. This uncommon band structure is part of what gives Hvalfugl their unique sound. Without drums and with the possibility of applying effects, the music is a lot mellower than regular folk bands. This uniqueness has drawn Hvalfugl to a national following and recognition in their 3 years of existence. In 2016 they were nominated “Talent of the Year”, and in 2017 they were chosen for a promotion program by the major Danish folk/world associations. Hvalfugl’s debut album By, was released in the summer of 2017 and received great recognition by blogs in Denmark, England and Sweden. The music video of the single Novemberhymne received great attention in Denmark as well as England and Sweden. Hvalfugl has already produced 4 new music videos which will be released with intervals of one month, starting in December 2017. The videos are recorded over the span of one day, and represents morning, midday and evening respectively. The title of the project is “En Dag I Oktober” (A Day In October). So dream away with Hvalfugl’s lyrical melodies while being wrapped in expressive harmonies, or tap your foot to some of their lively tunes, in which the voices of the instruments weave and blend together in harmonious interplay. Whether you hear them live, put their record on your sound system or watch one of their video performances, Hvalfugl will bring you lots of evocative moments and intimate experiences.