B.O.M.B. artist

B.O.M.B. (Back On My Bullshit), formerly known as “Slim-B & Horvei The Greatness and Rabalassorkesteret”, has in a very short time become a household name in their hometown of Stavanger. Starting in spring 2010, the band have quickly built an impressive fanbase, received critical acclaim, won the national Zoom Live competition, done loads of gigs, and was recently booked to Stavanger’s biggest festival, “RxR”. The seven-man band have always been serious about their live performance, which has resulted in the band earning a great reputation as a liveband and selling out all their gigs. In the summer of 2012 the band decided to change its name to the B.O.M.B., an abbreviation of the title of their hit single “Back On My Bullshit.” It was this song that first brought the band attention outside the hip hop community, when it was used in a short film / music video for the extreme sports group Midgetbase. The video also won the “Audience Award” at the Stavanger Short Film Festival. B.O.M.B. also has symbolic value in rap jargon where “bomb” is often used to denote new releases, as in “dropping bombs.” Magnus Hartland Gramstad and Rune Horvei aka Slim-B and Horvei The Greatness is the fundamental to the sound of the band. Rune is in charge of beats and production, while Magnus delivers the lyrics and hip-hop vocals. Magnus and Rune comes from completely different musical backgrounds, as does the other member of the band. The individual members diverse musical history is an essential contributor to the truly unique sound of B.O.M.B. Booking: Artistpartner Label/promotion: CCAP