Katia Cardenal

Ven A Mi Casa Esta Navidad Audio CDPurchased

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Christmas can be both melancholy, cosy and filled with seasonal spirit. All these moods are present on Katia Cardenal¿s new Christmas recording in Spanish. But in addition, she adds a much stronger element of joy and festivity than is usual in our corner of the world. In Latin America, people celebrate Christmas in the streets and in the village square, and this is much in evidence on ¿Ven a mi casa esta navidad¿. You can dance your way through Katia¿s Christmas celebration! Having said that, the more famous Christmas carols such as Silent Night (Noche de paz), Adeste Fideles and Mary¿s Boychild are included. But in addition, we find rich and colourful elements of what is considered the typical Christmas spirit south of the Rio Grande. Christmas songs from Nicaragua, Katia¿s homeland, Bolivia etc. Katia¿s brother, Salvador Cardenal, is brought in as a new element on this recording. He has also illustrated the CD cover in unmistakable Latin American colours. The famous Cuban photographer Alberto Corda (the man behind the picture of Che Guevara) has also contributed to the CD. His portrait of Katia Cardenal in front of the figure of Christ that guards Havana harbour forms part of the CD cover. ¿Ven a mi casa esta navidad¿ is the first Christmas record ever produced on Cuba. ¿Ven a mi casa esta navidad (Come to my house this Christmas) was recorded in Studio Abdala. In Castro¿s Cuba, no Christmas music may be heard in December. Christmas celebrations have been banned in this country for a very long time, so taking part in this CD recording was a very special experience for the Cuban musicians. Cuban guitarist Rey Guerra plays a particular role with his characteristic South American guitar sound