Dawn Of Oblivion artist

Dawn of Oblivion are from Helsingborg, Sweden, and made their debut release in 1994, "A Fervent Prayer" on Strontium Records. They build their musical landscapes from the deep, dark forests of Scandinavian winters and have attraced fans from both the metal and gothic scene from the very start. Through three decades they have released four more albums, Yorick in 1997, Mephisto’s Appealing in 2000, The Final Chapter in 2009 and Phoenix Rising in 2015, as well as a number of EP's and singles, appeared on compilations and festivals, building a strong fan base. With lyrics ranging from political topis to fantasy and horror tales, underlined by a strong appearance on stage with make-up and attributes, Dawn of Oblivion are unofficial masters of Gloom and the Occult and have a strong position in the alternative scene in Europe.