Micke MIMO Moberg & Caroline Williams

Sweet Love Blues SinglePurchased

A new release with Sweden's best Blues singer Caroline Williams. Blues, Jazz Rock and Gospel singer/composer with a powerful dark voice. Sounds like a fusion between Odetta, Joan Armatrading.And together with the Swedish song writer "Micke MIMO Moberg" they tray too faind a good sound. And together they showing how song and music from rock to blues can be combined. "Sweet Love Blues" is a catchy song that we strongly believe in. Recorded, Mastered, Produced, Cover by MIMO. Songs written and performed by MIMO. MIMO SOUND STUDIO.
1. Sweet Love Blues 00:03:28
Main artist Micke MIMO Moberg & Caroline Williams
Composer Micke Moberg
Performers Caroline Williams | Micke Moberg
Featuring artists Micke Moberg
Arrangers Micke Moberg
Producers Micke Moberg