Micke MIMO Moberg & Svante Törngren

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Moberg / Törngren, a collaboration between two old playmates. From the group "2001" on the eighty's, and now in various groups and respective solo careers "The Man From The Moon" "Slowman" With the song "White Lies", the pair Moberg / Törngren once again tried their wings together. "White Lies" is a Blues inspired rock song where the lyrics and music come together in perfect harmony.
1. White Lies 00:04:18
Main artist Micke MIMO Moberg & Svante Törngren
Composer Svante Törngren | Micke Moberg
Performers Micke Moberg | Svante Törngren
Featuring artists Micke Moberg | Slowman
Arrangers Micke Moberg
Producers Micke Moberg