Sin City Locos

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After seventeen years! A new single from the old group "THE LOCOS" With the new name "Sin City locos" Here comes a nice pop rock tune that marks the start of the new LP disc. "" "" "She's Alright." "" "" The song is written by the entire band, consisting of: Tommy Skei-Vocals,guitars Arto LeviƤkangas-Bass,vocals Jonas Blomkvist-Drums Cover by-Jesper Eriksson Original painting by-Ulf Skei So remember the name of "Sin City locos" the new band in town!
1. She's Alright 00:03:22
Main artist Sin City Locos
Composer Arto Leviäkangas | Jonas Blomqvist | Tommy Skei | Nicklas Einarsson
Performers Tommy Skei | Arto Leviäkangas | Jonas Blomqvist
Featuring artists TOMMY SKEI | Arto Leviäkangas | Jonas Blomkvist
Producers Micke MIMO Moberg