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Former pop producer Mio Negga is branching out into the Ambient music scene under alias ORCAH. The new single “Little Wolf” is due for release 16th of May 2018 and will be premiered at the Baltic Circle club in Helsinki. A glimmering melodic track, "Little Wolf" will soothe you, and bring hope and energy from the depths of Sápmi. Somewhere between pop and psybient, this delicate mix is the buffet of sugary melancholy you need when you've loved Tycho, Bluetech and Solar Fields but need something new. Quote from ORCAH: "I was thinking about the circularity of life and death. How natural it is in nature. The dance between the reindeer and the wolf. One has to go, if the other is to survive. I want to portray this circularity in dance. It is dramatic and violent, yet true and serene. The goal is to portray the chase of life and the balance of nature."
1. Little Wolf 00:06:11
Main artist ORCAH
Composer Mio Negga
Performers Jonathan Lennerbrant | Mio Negga
Producers Mio Negga