Gatas Parlament

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Rap meets reggae Scandal-ridden, mother tounge pioneers, Gatas Parlament goes after police brutality in a ducumentary track. With a smile! In Paragraf 127, 15 year old Mina is beaten up by police while in restraints. The police ends up cahrging Mina with violence against the police. The world can be such a backwards place. Especially in the darkest corners of crooked policework. Paragraf 127 pays homage to Norway's pioneer singer/songwriter Alf Pr√łysen and his amazing legacy.
1. Paragraf 127 00:04:12
Main artist Gatas Parlament
Composer Kriss Stemland | Jester
Author Jan Steigen | Jester | Elling Fragatas
Featuring artists Jan Steigen | Lotus
Producers Jester
Publishers Mosvolddalen | Rhythm And Rhymes