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"The Adventurer" is the soundtrack from the popular Telia commercial portraying photographer Eskil Digernes last year. ( ) After high demand, Carl finally decided to release it via Toothfairy. Carl Louis turned heads in the industry when he decided to leave CLMD and pursue his own career, delving into the deeper corners of organic and transgressive electronica. Norwegian radio station P3 were immediately intrigued by this decision, playlisting his singles “Apogee (feat. Pav)”, “Telescope” and “Human Again” featuring starlet ARY. With Carl’s exciting and unconventional tracks, his cascading analogue synths and deep beats have enchanted new listeners from the underground to the mainstream. His cinematic soundscapes have also been featured on multiple major TV shows, commercials and on Spotify-playlists across the globe. Carl Louis has spent the past year in his studio creating his next album “Memory Lane”, a personal and emotive collection of eight sonic adventures being released in succession between February through to April. In between the releases he will be putting out short documentaries from the studio, talking about the recording process, his production style, as well as the songs themselves and their respective featuring artists. His debut mini-album “Telescope” was released in September 2015, getting great support from Norway’s biggest blogs, MTV and Swedish P3.
1. The Adventurer 00:03:27
Main artist Carl Louis
Composer Carl Lehne
Author Carl Lehne
Performers Carl Lehne
Producers Carl Lehne