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The young and promising Toothfairy-artist Colin John releases new single "Loser". With honest, charming and straight-to-the-point songs about youth and coming-of-age, Colin’s debut album ‘Mellompartiet’ hit the digital shelves on May 5th; arguably one of the most unique Norwegian records this year. With songs both in Norwegian and English, Colin tells stories from his childhood and about life in general; experiencing things for the first time, criticising adults and the overwhelming world around him, as well as the heart-breaking loss of his friend who drowned on a sailing trip. Being described as a musical embodiment of cult TV-show “SKAM”, a Norwegian Bob Dylan-incarnate, with traits reminiscent of deLillos and Jokke Nielsen, Colin John has already turned heads on the scene. Colin released his debut singles Gylden” and “Jewels” in 2016, quickly gaining attention from online tastemakers such as Indie Folx, Musikknyheter and Rubato, in addition to solid air play on national radio. "Loser" is out on June 16th via Toothfairy.
1. Loser 00:03:14
Main artist Colin John
Composer Colin Åsdam
Author Colin Åsdam
Performers Colin Åsdam | Andrew Murray Baardsen | Njål Uhre Kiese | Andreas Reiten Westhagen
Arrangers Colin Åsdam | Andrew Murray Baardsen
Producers Colin Åsdam | Andrew Murray Baardsen