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Newcomer Pegah has used her time well since her first release “1985”. Her new and second single “No Time” has everything; it´s chill verses and upbeat choruses make it a song that has a real “pick-me-up” effect on a down day. Pegah´s unique and modern voice elevates the whole thing to the next level, and makes this a tune you can listen to all day, every day. The artist herself say that “No Time” is another step in the direction she wants to go as an artist, and it is a piece of the person she is now and who she wants to become.
1. No Time 00:03:05
Main artist Pegah
Composer Leif Inge Fosen | Pegah Afifi
Author Pegah Afifi | Marcus Ulstad Nilsen
Performers Pegah Afifi | Leif Inge Fosen
Producers Leif Inge Fosen