Henry Land

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Whether you are a super fan of the EDM genre or not you should definitely check out Henry Lands new single “Wildfire”. This is the fourth single from the Norwegian DJ, and is a testament to how far the Oslo-born artist has come since his startup at just 14. The song is stuffed with everything you want from a great EDM-track; chill waves, danceable beats and take offs that hits you in the part of the brain that wants you to move in the strangest ways. It´s perfect for getting you into the right mood on the floor or if you need that extra punch to finish a good run on the treadmill.
1. Wildfire 00:02:57
Main artist Henry Land
Composer Henrik Gundersen | Vilde Johannessen
Author Henrik Gundersen | Vilde Johannessen
Performers Vilde Johannessen | Vilde J | Henrik Gundersen
Featuring artists Vilde J
Producers Henrik Gundersen