Gaute Storsve Trio

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Las Americas is a musical homage to the music of both American continents. This composition is a jazz blues played with Cuban rhythms by genre exploring Norwegian jazz musicians. It´s feature is lively Cuban rhythm patterns in a modern jazz language. This is a fusion of the relaxed Nordic way and the intensity of America. Guitarist Gaute Storsve (Weserbergland and Haakon Ellingsen) lived and worked in Cuba for a longer period. This gave him the opportunity to play with some of this county´s best musicians. You can also experience Petter Barg´s (Admiral P and Busi Ncube) bass, Henning Carlsen´s (Audun Automat and Marvel Machine), Jørgen Mathisen´s (Krokofant) sax, Per Ottar Gjerstad´s trumpet and Frank Bastrup Olsen´s (DK) trombone.
1. Las Americas 00:06:41
Main artist Gaute Storsve Trio
Composer Gaute Storsve
Author Gaute Storsve
Performers Gaute Storsve | Peter Barg | Henning Carlsen | Jørgen Mathisen | Frank Bastrup Olsen | Per Ottar Gjerstad
Producers Gaute Storsve