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CASTRO are a relatively new band, but feature many people you will recognise if you know your Norwegian punk history of the past 30 years. Featuring members of Norwegian punk legends ANGOR WAT and ISRAELVIS, and the welcome return of Katja (ex LIFE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT) on vocals, the band released the critically acclaimed “THE RIVER NEED” album at the tail end of 2014. Now the long awaited follow up, over three years in the making is here, and its been worth the wait! “INFIDELITY” is exactly what you would hope it would be, not the dreaded “difficult second album” but the sound of a band blossoming. "Undercover" is the first single.
1. Undercover 00:02:58
Main artist CASTRO
Composer Viggo Mastad | Jens Petter Wiig | Katja Benneche Osvold | Morten Skjørholm | Karl-Martin Hoddevik
Author Viggo Mastad
Performers Jens Petter Wiig | Viggo Mastad | Morten Skjørholm | Katja Benneche Osvold | Karl-Martin Hoddevik